Alseop's Wall

Alseop's Wall
Type: Zone
Location: Tunaria
Loot table: Forest
Named Mobs: Chak'nar
Grimjowl, Pitchclaw, and Yellowmaw
Borders: N: Jared's Blight
E: Strag's Rest
S: Forkwatch
W: Blakedown

Alseop's Wall is a zone primarily consisting of forests. It is bounded on the west by Blakedown and on the east by Strag's Rest. To the north lies Jared's Blight and Forkwatch is to the south.

The average mobs in Alseop's Wall are of levels 10 to 25. The following mobs are commonly encountered in Alseop's Wall:

  • Darkwood drunk
  • Darkwood goblin
  • Darkwood grunt
  • Darkwood scount
  • Darkwood seer
  • Darkwood taskmaster
  • Darkwood temptress
  • Darkwood warmaster
  • Giant ant
  • Grey wolf
  • Scarecrow

Points of interestEdit

The wall itself runs north-south along the western edge of the zone, mainly throughout the (N) and (NW) sections. Much of the wall is crumbling and has fallen into disrepair. A keep nearby the wall has been overrun with bandits.

Just west of the wall is found a small farm, terrorized by living scarecrows. Three named wolves may also be found roaming the farm, Grimjowl, Pitchclaw, and Yellowmaw.

Most noteable, the zone is home to the fortress of the Darkwood goblins, which is sunk inside a massive valley that runs primarily from Alseop's Wall (C) through Alseop's Wall (N) section.

Evil toons (with the exception of evil (trolls and ogres) Shadow Knights) can gain faction for FortWatch coach and merchants by farming the Darkwood goblins here.


Alseop's Wall bandits
Alseop's Wall farm
Alseop's Wall