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Blackburrow is a zone primarily consisting of hills and light forests. It is bounded on the west by Wymondham and on the east by Merry-by-Water. To the north lies Mt. Hatespike and Jared's Blight is to the south.

Main camp in Blackburrow (W)

Points of interest

The massive gnoll fortress of the same name is the major point of interest in Blackburrow. Players characters will typically find adventure in and around Blackburrow dungeon between levels 20 and 35.

There are two main outside gnoll camps in Blackburrow, one along the river side and one further in the mainland, closest to the entrance to Blackburrow dungeon. In Blackburrow (C) is the largest camp, which is a walled structured surrounded by towers. A number of named gnolls spawn in the camp, including Assassin Svelir, Dersterg, Pack Master Duriog, Pack Master Urgoll, Pack Master Wardelg, and Servant Kaliar.

The smaller of the camps is along the riverside, in Blackburrow (E). Ahsleg, the gnoll shaman, may be found in this camp.

Whitepaw hill in Blackburrow (W)

In Blackburrow (W) is the so-called "Whitepaw hill", where a large cross-shaped monument spans a slightly raised elevation. Several named gnolls may be found on Whitepaw hill, including Assassin Vellef, Servant Burfarg, and Veldergat the Oracle.