Blackburrow is a massive dungeon with entrances located in Blackburrow (S) and Blackburrow (N). The entrance in Blackburrow (S) is generally considered the "front door". Blackburrow is home to a variety of gnolls, including at the lower levels gnoll scouts and gnoll spiritists, and in the upper echelons, gnoll redpaws and gnoll whitepaws.
Blackburrow 1

The front entrance to Blackburrow


Blackburrow is an extensive dungeon with multiple areas. The entrance and initial area in Blackburrow consists of stone halls and multiple levels.
Blackburrow 2

Entrance hallway to Blackburrow

Passing through this area leads into a small cavern-like area with wooden wall structures and tents. Eventually this area expands out into a massive cavern featuring a large chasm in the middle that drops some many feet to water below.
Blackburrow 3

Main Blackburrow complex with Whitepaw Church in the distance

In this area are found several towers and structured, as well as the infamous "Whitepaw church".
Blackburrow Whitepaw church

Whitepaw Church in Blackburrow

A narrow series of planks and paths leads down around the edge of the chasm and to the very bottom of Blackburrow.
Blackburrow 5

Dwarves in Blackburrow

Here the passageways become quite winding and very cavern-like again. In the very bottom of Blackburrow a large room hosts a number of whitepaws and redpaws and gnoll diggers continue to pursue even greater depths. At this level is also a lost colony of dwarves, including crossbowmen and battle priests, as well as miners.

Named MobsEdit

There are scores of named mobs in Blackburrow, including numerous pack masters, assassins, and servants. A comprehensive list follows.


There are several quests that involve travel into Blackburrow.