Blakedown town
Type: Zone
Location: Tunaria
Loot table: Forest
Named Mobs: None
Borders: N: Al Karad Ruins
E: Alseop's Wall
S: Mayfly Glade
W: Bear Cave

Blakedown is a zone primarily consisting of hills and light forests. It is bounded on the west by Bear Cave and on the east by Alseop's Wall. To the north lies Al Karad Ruins and Mayfly Glade is to the south.

The average mobs in Wymondham are of levels 15 to 30.

Points of interestEdit

The town of Blakedown itself is located in Blakedown (S).

In Blakedown (C), just north of town is found a large mage tower.

Up the river, towards Al Karad Ruins in Blakedown (E) is a small river house. Here can be found fishing merchants.


Blakedown mage tower
Blakedown river house