Ceremonial Vestment

Type: Robe
Races: ALL
Classes: ALL
Requires: Level 29
Restrictions: NO TRADE
Stats: +5 AGI
+15 CHA
+25 HP
DUR: 50
Location: N/A
Description: These enchanted grey robes are worn by nobles during ceremonious events.

The Ceremonial Vestment is an item that is equipped in the Robe slot. It was noteworthy for being one of two original robes that could be worn by all classes (other robes typically only being equippable by classes of the caster or healer archetypes, as well as monk). It was later removed from the drop table and no longer made available to player characters.


Classes: ALL

Races: ALL

Item Level: 29

  • HP: 25
  • POWER: 25
  • AGI: 5
  • CHA: 15



The Ceremonial Vestment robe was a grey robe with white trim in EQOA: Classic. With the release of EQOA: Frontiers, characters and armor models were redesigned. The Ceremonial Vestment was changed to a mixture of brown, tan, and purple coloring.

Drop InformationEdit

The Ceremonial Vestment robe dropped from plains mobs within the 26 to 30 level range, including Bloodfoot Bandits and Whitepaw Gnolls. It no longer drops. It was replaced in the associated loot tables with the Ceremonial Pendant, a necklace with the same statistics.

Its been confirmed that it now drops off Rallos Zek as of 11/6/11.


The Ceremonial Vestment was made NO TRADE in a patch in 2007.

As of 11/6/11, CV now drops off Rallos Zek.