Darkwood is a large dungeon accessible in Alseop's Wall (N). It is located in the northern mountain wall of a large valley called Darkwood Forest that runs north from Alseop's Wall (C).
Darkwood Keep entrance

The entrance to Darkwood Keep


Darkwood fortress consists mainly of caverns and small rooms. The entrance hallways leads into a main antechamber which splits into four different directions: to the darkwood worg farm, the darkwood prison, to the darkwood kitchen (and subsequently throne room), and to the darkwood oracle's chamber.
Darkwood prison

Darkwood prison

Just past the kitchen is a small barracks, which also has a passageway leading into the basement. at the very back of the cellar, one encounters fearsome large spiders.
Darkwood throne room

The throne room in Darkwood Keep

Beyond the barracks is the main throne room of Darkwood.

Named MobsEdit

There are several named mobs in Darkwood. A comprehensive list follows.


The main quest that involves travel into Darkwood is the Western human 20 path quest for paladins.