Darvar Manor is a mansion located on the river in Jared's Blight (C). In EQOA: Classic, Darvar Manor was an extremely popular gathering and trading area, particularly for players levels 20 to approximately 35. Many popular leveling camps in EQOA: Classic were readily accessible from Darvar Manor, including bandits and trees in Bandit Hills, and the gnolls in and around Blackburrow.
Darvar Manor

Darvar Manor and stables

Darvar Manor is commonly referred to by the shorthand, DM.

Darvar Manor (the coach path) was originally labeled Black Swan Inn. Black Swan Inn, itself, is located to the southwest of Darvar Manor.


The coach at Darvar Manor allows for travel to Highpass, Surefall Glade, Moradhim, and Forkwatch. Coachman Darva of Darvar Manor is noteworthy for clearly being a female, despite her title of "Coachman".
Coachman Darva

Coachman Darva of Darvar Manor