Jared's Blight is a zone consisting of light forests and hills. It is bounded on the west by Al Karad Ruins and on the east by Bandit Hills. To the north lies Blackburrow and Alseop's Wall is to the south.

Jared's Blight bridge

The great bridge in Jared's Blight guides the Western Trade Road into Bandit Hills

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Jared's Blight:

  • Bandit
  • Black Bear
  • Black Bear Cub
  • Black Wolf
  • Dire Wolf
  • Flamecrawler
  • Gnoll Guard
  • Gnoll Scout
  • Gnoll Shaman
  • Great Spider
  • Lioness Stalker
  • Timber Wolf
  • Tree Spirit
  • Wisp
  • Young Black Bear

Points of InterestEdit

The great bridge, just south of Darvar Manor is a massive structure of iron and chain. It connects Jared's Blight with Bandit Hills, where the Western Trade Road leads to Highpass Hold. Guards patrol the bridge.

The Black Swan Inn is located south of Darvar Manor, towards Forkwatch. Several quests involve the patrons of Black Swan Inn.
Jared's Blight Black Swan Inn

The famous Black Swan Inn

Sunnyvale, a once prosperous town west of Black Swan Inn has since been razed, its buildings and walls charred and its villagers raised in undeath.
Jared's Blight Sunnyvale Road

Sunnyvale Road leads travellers from Black Swan Inn to the terror at Sunnyvale


The coachman is Jared's Blight is located in Darvar Manor.