Melissa's Tomb Outside
Melissa's Tomb is a small dungeon found just off the river's edge between the Al Karad Ruins and the town of Blakedown. It is located in Blakedown (N). The tomb is home to a variety of undead mobs including skeletons and ghosts, in the mid to high 20s level range.

Named mobsEdit

There are many rare and named mobs in Melissa's Tomb, four of which is spawned by killing a placeholder mob. In the far back room on the left of the tomb player characters may encounter Captain Snidas, Priest Rogar, and Advisor Janar. In the main antechamber, just after the hallway with the paintings, Tobias occasionally spawns on the dias bearing his name. Notably, each of Captain Snidas, Priest Rogar, and Janar also have a corresponding dias, but Tobias is the only named mob who spawns in this area.
Melissa's Tomb Tobias

Tobias in Melissa's Tomb, spawning on the dias that bears his name

Lady Melissa herself may be spawned in the far back room on the right of the tomb. She spawns extremely infrequently when her placeholder mob is killed, whereas the others are spawn fairly frequently.

A skeleton curator will occasionally spawn in the entrance hallway to the main antechamber.

The quest mob fledgling vampire is also found in Melissa's Tomb.

The Four Seasons of MelissaEdit

The Four Season of Melissa is a painting in the hallway approaching the main antechamber of the tomb. The painting is divided into four panels, correlating to spring, summar, autumn, and winter.

Melissa's Tomb Four Seasons

The Four Seasons of Melissa

The MistrunnerEdit

The Mistrunner is a painting in the hallway approaching the main antechamber of the tomb, opposite the Four Seasons of Melissa painting. It is a painting of a ship, presumably the ship for which Captain Snidas, Priest Rogar, Advisor Janar, and Tobias were crew and/or passengers.
Melissa's Tomb Mistrunner

The Mistrunner

The descriptive text on the painting beneath its title is extremely difficult to read. It appears to cite a date of a maiden voyage, and it is likely the bottom line of text reads "SNIDAS TOBIAS JANAR AND ROGAR".

It is unclear how, if at all, Melissa was involved with the voyage of the Mistrunner.