Quests are very important in EQOA. In fact, the first thing any new character does is carry out a couple quests that get you some new equipment and level you up to level 3. Start out by talking to your guild master and getting your beginner quest. This will take just a few minutes and will yield you a minor item and experience enough to get to level 2. Then there is a follow-up quest that will get you Soul binding, registered with your town coachman, and up to level 3. At level 3, you get a quest to go out of town and fight something. This starts your combat experience. In EQOA, quests result in very good experience and it is quite possible to level up on quests as well as combat.

There are generally two types of quests: class quests (which in the higher levels are also referred to as "path quests") and side quests.

Class questsEdit

Every race/class combination has a series of quests specific to that pairing. These are available at regular intervals and allow you to obtain useful new items specifically tailored to your class, as well as scrolls which teach you new class-specific abilities. Some of your class abilities can only be achieved by completing these quests, so it is important that you complete as many as possible. It is not necessary, however, to do every quest in order to receive the next quest. It is only necessary to gain the level needed to trigger the quests. Class quests are available at level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 13, 15, and 20.

Side questsEdit

Side quests are available from NPC's scattered around the world who are looking for adventurers to help them out. These can take the form of running errands for them such as delivering goods to someone in another town, or of killing specific Mobs and returning items that drop from the Mob. In general, the higher the level of the quest, the greater the complexity and usually the greater the reward. The rewards of these quests can vary significantly from quest to quest and may not always match your particular race and class.

Quest walk-thrusEdit