Wymondham is a zone primarily consisting of swamp land. It is bounded on the west by Surefall Glade and on the e
Wymondham Tower

Deserted tower in Wymondham (S)

ast by Blackburrow. To the north lies Spirit Talker's Wood (although not accessible directly from Wymondham due to mountains) and Al Karad Ruins is to the south.

The average mobs in Wymondham are of levels 10 to 20.

Points of interestEdit

A slith tar hive is located in Wymondham (N). The rare mob, Queen Zlixix, spawns in the bottom of the hive.
Wymondham Slith Tar Hive

The Slith Tar Hive in Wymondham (N)

A large, unoccupied wizard tower is located in Wymondham (S), directly south of the slith tar hive.

A small Slesher gnoll camp is found in Wymondham (SW). It consists of three towers, each of which contains a placeholder mob for a named Slesher. The placeholder mobs are slesher oracle, slesher reaver, and slesher warlord. Oracle Feshmar, Reaver Gurgor, and Warlord Drek spawn in each tower respectively. In addition, Fire Charmer Greka spawns outside nearby the fire.

A small house is located on the river in Wymondham (NE). It is the home of a dwarf, Lagron Steelhold. Lagron is attackable, and if spoken to he will remark about preparing for an impending fight.

Wymondham House

House in Wymondham (NE)

Wymondham Slesher Camp

Slesher gnoll camp in Wymondham (SW)