Zones are the means by which EQOA divides up the continent of Norrath. Travel between zones typically involves a progressive increase in the average level of mobs encountered within the zone. Transition between zones is seamless (there is no loading time when moving from zone to zone).

Norrath (mainland)Edit

An 11x14 grid comprises the zone structure of the Tunaria mainland.

Map of Norrath

The bottom-left most section of twelve zones was not originally available in EQOA: Classic. The gates to the so-called "Great Unknown" were opened with the release of EQOA: Frontiers (in addition to Lavastorm in the far north east, and its associated raid zone, Solusek's Eye).

Travel between zones vastly differing in level range was often impeded or prevented by impassable mountain ranges, the most obvious of which divides zones such as Diren Village from Gramash Ruins and Anu Village from Frosteye Valley. This prevented new players in areas such as Halas from inadvertantly wandering into zones with level 50 (or higher!) mobs. In other starting areas, such as Grobb or Oggok, players are not afforded such protection.

The following table provides links to separate pages about each particular zone.


Snowblind Plains

Anu Village

Frosteye Valley



Greyvax's Caves

Fayspire Gate

NE Mountain Boundary


Zentar's Keep

Unkempt North

North Wilderlands

Guardian Forest

Freezeblood Village

Goldfeather Eyrie

Snafitzer's House

Fayspire and Tethelin

Kara Village


Rogue Clockworks

Bogman Village Unkempt Glade Salisearaneen Gramash Ruins Diren Village


Shon-to Monastery


Castle Felstar

Collinridge Cemetary

Neriak, Nektulos

Mariel Village

Twisted Tower

Murnf Spirit Talker's Woods Mt. Hatespike Baga Village Misty Thicket Rivervale North Kithicor The Green Rift Bobble-by-Water
Wyndhaven Jethro's Cast Surefall Glade Wymondham Blackburrow Merry-by-Water Runnyeye Mossmouth Cavern Saerk Tower Mu'Lin's Reach Hodstock and Temby
Whale Hill Crethley Manor Fog Marsh Al Karad Ruins Jared's Blight Bandit Hills Highpass Hold Bastable Village Tomb of Kings Temple of Light Freeport
Qeynos Hagley Bear Cave Blakedown Alseop's Wall Strag's Rest Trail's End Ferran's Hope Deathfist Forge Northwestern Ro Northern Ro
Qeynos Prison Druid's Watch Spider Mine Mayfly Glade Forkwatch Salt Mine Dshinn's Redoubt Desert Hate Deathfist Citadel Muniel's Tea Garden
Highbourne Stoneclaw Aviak Village Urglunt's Wall South Crossroads Centaur Valley Wktaan's 4th Talon Deathfist Horde Box Canyons Al Farak Ruins
Geomancer's Citadel Cyclop's Fortress Urglunt's Gate Widow's Peak Brog Fens Serpent Hills Chiktar Hive Eternal Desert Sycamore Joy's Rest
Geomancer's Pass Lake Rathe Sphinx Pyramid Kelinar Fort Alliance Tak'Xiz West Tak'Xiv West Oasis Great Waste Elemental Towers
Dead Hills Ogre Ruins Oggok Gerntar's Mines Elephant Graveyard Tak'Xiz South Takish'Hiz Sea of Lions Slithtar Hive Hazinak
Envar West Feerott Moggok Gate Oggok Gate Kerplunk Outpost Lake Noregard Burial Mounds Ant Colonies Sslathis Guk
Mila's Reef Cazic Thule


Stone Watchers Brokenskull Rock Basher's Enclave Grobb


A 4x4 grid comprises the zone structure of the island of Odus.
Map Odus

Map of Odus

Sylhilthis' Dwell West Plateau East Plateau Erud's Crossing
West Toxxulia East Toxxulia Arcadin North Barren Coast
Kerra Isle South Toxxulia Stonebrunt Mountains The Vastly Deep
The Hunt Stone of Morthalis Gulf of Uzun Cape Dred

Isle of Dread (Plane of Fear)Edit

A single zone comprises the Isle of Dread.

Plane of SkyEdit


Plane of DiseaseEdit

A single zone comprises the Plane of Disease, Last Home.
Plane-of-disease outdoor map3